Menu Corruption - Linux Mint 17.04 + LO 5.2.6

Using on Linux Mint 17.04

When using the menu at the top of the screen.

If I roll up and down the menus on the right there is no issue (Data, Tools, Window and Help)

If I roll the mouse up and down on the other Menus, it leaves random corruption lines.

Is this a Linux thing, a Libre Office Issue or is it the Windows Manager on Linux, which is XFCE in this case.

Would have uploaded a picture, but need more points. I will tweet the issue then.

I have just updated to the Fresh version of 5.3 and this issue seems to have gone, although the menu font size on this newer version is a lot smaller. Will try and see if I can adjust the size to something more readable.
Update -
I now understand that by un-installing the previous version (before installing this new one), that it messed up the GTK files. I had to do an update for GTK which corrected the menu layout.