Menu font size changed with 5.3.6

I just updated from 5.2.7 to 5.3.6. Unfortunately, the ‘metafont’–by which I mean the font used for menus, dialogues, etc.–has changed to a small, fine-lined, hard to read version… Is there any way to change it back to a more legible font? Thanks!

I only proceeded the update of the version 5.2.7 of Libreoffice to the version 5.3.6. Unfortunately, the menus, dialogues, etc., has changed for a small fine line. It’s impossible to read a text… I tried to reinstall with the repair option but this is without amelioration.
Then I all uninstalled, I rebooted the computer on windows 7, I downloaded again the file of the version 3.5.6 and reinstalled … without better result.
I can change the police and these attributes but I don’t get better

…but I don’t get better results.
I can see a good small image of my old files before their overture but not after.
Thanks for your help.

see Menu font very small