menu items missing

Many second-level menu items appear in light grey, i.e., they cannot be clicked both in Write and in Draw. For instance in LibreOffice Write, under Format, Frame and Object, the following items are unclickable: Link Frames, Unlink Frames, and Properties. In LibreOffice Draw, under Shape, most of the second-level menu items are unclickable. I thought maybe they’ve gone to a ‘Fremium’ model, but it seems not.

LibreOffice is installed on my three computers, all of which use Windows 10. The same problem occurs on all three. So what is happening? How do I get all these menu items to work?

For those menus, you need to select a frame or a shape. Something that matches the features proposed by the submenus.

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Er… I have copy pasted a jpg into an odt document. There doesn’t seem to be any way to select the jpg. Nowhere do the menus say 'select’and right click doesnt yield ‘select’

In Writer, a picture is not a frame. Frame & Object refer to frames (menu Insert > Frame) and formulas for example.

If you (left) click the jpg, 8 handles should appear. Same for a frame.