Menu shortcuts in LO 4

What has happened to the top level menu shortcuts (Alt-F, Alt-E etc) in LO 4?

Hi @Pansmanser,

I just checked in LO on Ubuntu 12.04.2, and Alt-F and Alt-E will open the File and Edit menus (respectively).

Could you please tell us what OS you’re using and what build version of LibreOffice you’re running?


Update: @Pansmanswer – I just checked-in with the QA folks, and they said that this looks like a bug. Please file a bug and provide a list of steps that can reproduce your problem.

Please post a link to any bugs you file in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.


Thank you so much for your prompt reply.

I am running LO on Ubuntu 12.04 (32 bit Kernel Linux 3.2.0-38-generic-pae.)

The top menubar does not have underlined letters, and none of the former shortcut keys work.

I would also like to be able switch off the global menu. This version of LibreOffice seems to ignore the switch in SystemSettings-Unsettings-Windows.

Looks like this could be:

fdo#57104 - UI: UI fails to implement initial Alt-key shortcuts to top-level Libre Office menu items - UNCONFIRMED

There is no solution available to this problem. For this and several other reasons I have reverted to LO 3.5.7.