Menus appear and disappear

Why menus appear and disappear? this is very inconvenient.
It could be alwais keep visible?
And, How?

Thank you for your time.



Are you referring to toolbars appearing and disappearing? If so, these are contextual toolbars and are designed to appear when needed and disappear when not needed. Otherwise your screen would be full of toolbars and leave little room for your documents. One example would be the Bullets and Numbering toolbar. When you click in a bulleted list, the toolbar will appear, but as soon as you click outside the list, it closes again. You can keep any toolbar always visible by going to View > Toolbars from the main menu and selecting the toolbar you want to be visible.

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This is no longer true ( for Windows) even if selecting from the main menu, the toolbars appear and disappear. I am seeing it with the Table toolbar. When I click on a table, it appears, reshuffles the height of the bar at the top, and shuffles the document display, moving it about. That is the reason I think people want the ‘hide’ feature disabled.