Merge basic shapes

I have a flow chart, where i have used the basic shapes- rectangle (around 10 rectangles) and arrow marks (around 10 arrow marks), to construct a flowchart. Since all these are separate, and while moving it to other pages/while copying, it is difficult to move each and every rectangle box, So I need to merge all these 10 rectangle boxes into as one image type or as one unit or any other possible methods, where the whole flowchart (containing 10 boxes, 10 arrows) will be as one unit and now can be moved as one unit.

Any suggestions are highly appreciated…

Thank you…
Here is the file. protocol.doc


Hold the Shift key while selecting each item you want together. The right click and select Group. Items are now connected and can be moved or copied as one. To remove grouping, select the group, right click & select Ungroup.

I tried holding Shift key too…and selecting the item that i want, but after selecting the second one, the item i want is not getting selected, instead, it is going to other parts of the page which contains formulas, and other images.
How to solve this issue…??

First, you should have put this info in your question. So you are saying you can select two items? Is this any two items? Can you select any and each item individually? Or are you saying after selecting one item and trying to select another something else happens? You state these are simple shapes. I cannot reproduce any of these things.

1] I cant select two items, and
2] that after selecting one item and trying to select another something else happens…

I have tried a number of different things in trying to duplicate what you state and have been unsuccessful. Could you post a document where this is happening?

Sir, i am a newbie here, so i am unable/dont know how to post the document here… can u kindly let me know how to post the document here…?? what are the options available…??

Have given you Karma to allow posting. Edit your question (select edit lower right of question). Use the paperclip in the toolbar to select & post your file.

When you press you got to click precisely on the edge of the box in order to select it, not inside the box.

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