MERGE | How To: Multiple Records / One Page

LibreOffice (LO) / Mac Mojave (10.14.1)

Hi! I’m trying to merge a LO Calc spreadsheet source file with a LO Writer document. These are not address labels.

PROBLEM – right now I can only get one record on each page. The merge is automatically creating a new page for every record.

The spreadsheet source data is actually coming out of iTunes (playlist data) … so the data is song titles, album names, song duration, comments, etc.

I am trying to create a Writer document where one page contains multiple records, and only when the page is full of records, is a second page started.

Unfortuately, all I can find is information about printing labels, or creating personalized form letters where it makes sense to have one record per page/document.

In some records some fields may be blank; in some records field length may be longer or shorter.

Typically with Word & Excel (which I’m trying to get away from) about 25 records can easily be merged onto 3 pages.

Appreciate any feedback, instructions, links to posts already answering exactly how to do this. My research with things like inserting “Next Record” (Database Fields) hasn’t proved successful.

Thanks! (See Example records below)

Below is an example of 3 records and how they should look in the merged Writer document on a single page, one record below the other:

10 | How Dare You | 06:43 | [ end at: 1:05:52 ]
St Germain |
St Germain | Warner Bros Records |
95 Boulevard / 99 From Detroit to St Germain / 2000 Tourist / 2015 St Germain album Tourist (2.8 million copies Ludovic Navarre

11 | Raven | 04:58 | [ end at: 1:10:50 ]
GoGo Penguin |
A Humdrum Star | Blue Note | 2018
Manchester-based trio / Neal Blacka B | Chris Illingworth P | Rob Turner D | Rel Feb 9 2016

12 | The Touch Of Your Lips | 05:50 | [ end at: 1:16:40 ]
Joey Defrancesco | (Ray Noble)
Trip Mode | High Note |
JD P** TP** Vx** | Mike Boone B | Jason Brown D |