Merge multiple spreadsheets files into one

I have a number of separate ODS files all formatted exactly the same (columns and rows) that I want to merge into a single master spreadsheet.

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Is copy/paste an option, or is the number of files too large?

How are the “multiple … files” identified as a group? (A folder? Systematic names? …)
How many files? How many sheets per file?
Shall the merging be done onece and for all?
Shall independent files remain, and the master link them in?
How shall the sheets from different source files be distinguished in the “master file”?
Are they differently named from the beginning?
Do you want an automatic procedure?
You will need to consider a few things yourself.

The multiple ODS files are identified in a single folder. There are 12 files (one for each month) each containing a single sheet. Merging should be a one time thing. Individual files do not have to remain after a merge takes place. Each file in the folder is named differently (month of year). I can certainly copy and paste but was looking for a quicker way if available.

Having only 12 files, automation wouldn’t pay.
-1- Create a new Calc document based on the same template as “the 12” are. Keep it open.
-2- Open the ‘January’ document.
-3- Open the context menu of it sheet tab and select ‘Move/Copy’.
-4- Select the newly created document as the target and the end position there. Accept ‘Copy’.
-5- Goto -2- adapting the month till ‘December’ is copied.
-6- Delete the still empty sheet(s) originally created with the new document.
-7- Save and close the new document.

Spreadsheet documents spliting date on a “per week” or “per month” basis often cause problems concerning evaluations. You may consider to keep just one sequence of data rows in one sheet, and to do any selecting and additional evaluation including prints in/from different sheets.

Thank you!

Now you can right-click on the name of the sheet at the bottom and select “Insert…” You can then click on the appropriate buttons in the new dialog box to import from a file