Merging Impress handout within a Writer Document

Is it possible to include an Impress handout (3-slides per page) inside a Writer document? I’m creating a course and would like to use Writer to provide topic details and hands-on exercises, and sandwich an Impress presentation handout in between while using Writer’s page formating to produce a single document. Hope this makes sense.

Hi @alainrochon,

I’m not exactly sure what you’d like to do with the Impress file. Would you like to have the Impress file embedded into one of the pages of the Writer document, or would you like to have the contents of the Impress file appear as content (e.g. like another page in the GUI) alongside the pages of the Writer file?

I would love to export the content (notes included), not embedding.

@unichan – are you the same person as OP ( @alainrochon ) ? If not, please open a separate question, as it will be easier and clearer for us to address your specific concerns that way! :slight_smile:


@alainrochon - Please continue your communication with @qubit1, I only can sketch you a possible workaround.
Export your Impress Handouts and Writer documents to pdf-files. There after you can use pdf-tools like pdfedit995 and assemble your pdfs in the final order. I know this workaround is a bit cumbersome.