Merging two spreadsheets

Hi. I have two spreadsheets to merge. Spreadsheet 1 has account numbers. Spreadsheet 2 has the same account numbers but has more columns that must merge together. Both sheets numbers are random. How do I do that please?

Create a third table with vlookup(), but YOU have to decide, what to do with contradicting information.

Use the MATCH() function to determine row number. Use INDEX() function to pick data from specific row/column.

If the key field for lookup (account numbers in your case, I guess) is the leftmost column, you can also use the VLOOKUP() function, which combines the matching and extraction operations.

Note that the MATCH() and VLOOKUP() functions will require the last, optional parameter (“sorted” state) set to 0. Otherwise it will not operate correctly with random sequence of account numbers. You cannot use the “basic” LOOKUP() function, because that function requires a sorted lookup key.

Note also that this matching is strictly single entry. If there are multiple entries for same account number, data may be lost in the process if you don’t employ additional measures to cater for this.

If you need more advice, you must provide more detail about what you have and what you are trying to achieve.

Thank you very much. I will try that.