Messy font rendering and slow GUI on Archlinux


Since I switched my OS to ArchLinux, I experienced a lot of bugs with LibreOffice. The main one is that fonts are not correctly rendered in the GUI, as you can see on the following screenshot (the text is supposed to be French, by the way).

Sometimes, letters are replaced by others, sometimes by their bold/italic/italic bold variants. I assume the issue comes from GTK since I exported the document on the picture to PDF sucessfully. Also, opening a menu from the menubar makes the GUI look normally again.

Another hint that makes me suppose that I have an issue with GTK is the long latency (about 10s) whenever I want to open a window inside LO, latency that I have never experienced neither on Windows nor on Ubuntu.

I managed to change my GTK theme several times, did the “setenv SAL_USE_VCLPLUGIN gtk” thing in /etc/profile.d/libreoffice-still.csh and even tried to uninstall Grammalecte, but nothing changed.

Have someone experienced the same problem ? Does anyone know how to fix it ?
I run Archlinux with Cinnamon and Arc GTK Theme. I run libreoffice-still, libreoffice-still-fr and Grammalecte-fr expansion, always up to date.

Thank you for your support.
Kind regards.