[Meta] AskLibO Twitter login not working?

I normally sign in with authentication via Twitter. Recently, and consistently, I have been getting these messages when I try to login this way:

I can get in via Google, but it would be good to know if the Twitter glitch is affecting anyone else, and to get a fix if it is more widely experienced.

Since the only open ID server I ever used (Mozilla persona) was gone I logged in via my email only. (My nickname and email were already known to the system in this case, of course.) That seemed to be a new way then. Did you try it already? Unfortunately I don’t know if one can create a new account this way.

If you click on your username in the line above the menu bar (beside badge totals) one can find a manage login methods link to the right of the profile picture in the profile screen. From here, different login methods can be “attached” to the same account. For me, I’ve got Twitter and Google linked here. But Twitter appears to be falling over just now (for AskLibO logins, that is).

Hi David

I most often get that page when the system wants me to login. I’ve been unable to decide which is the chicken & which the egg (the need to login leading to site congestion or site congestion causing a need to login).

My advice is to always use the email address to send an email. It seems that the site Director is unaware of this site’s continual load problems. As a 15-year hostmaster there are things that I could say about that, but will not.

@lupp: I originally created my account (May 2015) using username/email (knowing at that time of no other method).

Thanks, Alex. I see we have shared a thread before… :frowning: