meta: closing answered questions

Hello, I think that closing a question because it was answered and answer was accepting is harmful in the long term. After some time the situation may change and a new answer to be more appropriate.

I must say that I have a lot of necromancer badges on stackoverflow. In fact I very rarely answer new questions. What I do is searching for information and when I hit old answers that are out of date and end up figuring out how to better do the task today, I add a new answer. Or add answer when other answers are unsafe or suboptimal for some reason.

My request is to change the rules and not close such questions. I decided to post this after seeing:

You can see the correct answer has been edited multiple times and is now incorrect because README path has changed in the repo. While in this particular case it makes sense to put this info in the first visible answer, I for one don’t have permissions to edit it. Also a couple of answers can be removed by moderator right away.

It appears that once a question is closed you can still add comments. (BTW, I think close should be used very little, if ever.)

@EasyTrieve: questions are closed to confirm they’re done with, answered or otherwise. It’s extra unneeded clutter if abandoned or finished questions are left open. I dunno how much karma you need, but I had 496 or so, and could reopen a question just fine, and I’m a regular user.

For people who are familiar with Stack Overflow, [closed] has negative connotations, since only it’s the low quality or off-topic questions that get closed over there. If questions need to be closed when answered, I suggest at the very least using something like [solved] instead of [closed], because that gives more positive reinforcement.