Meta: how to edit/delete comments?

Comments are frequently used to ask more information to clarify poster’s problem and intent. This usually results in poster editing his question or in contributor changing his answer.

Afterwards the comment may become irrelevant because the commented sentence may have been deleted or changed in such a way that the relation with the comment is lost. In that case, it would certainly be better for site clarity and usefulness to be able to delete, at least, or edit the comment so that late readers are not upset by the “illogical” content of the comment.

Is there a way to edit/delete (one’s own) comments after the 10-minutes window?

@Ratslinger: make your comment an answer and I’ll close my (naive) question. Thanks.


Having just deleted the previous comment, you can see deleting the last comment can be done at any time by someone with enough karma. If the comment is NOT last, you can only edit it within the 10 minute interval.

Also, in posting this, as a test, tried to delete my comment & it was stated “only allowed in last 10 minutes” as it wasn’t the last one. Also couldn’t edit it for same reason. :slight_smile:

I deleted your comment, though it was not the last. Only editing is limited to the last 10 minutes

(Note from Jim K: I am editing this comment 27 hours after originally posted to prove it’s possible.)

Strange, I couldn’t delete it! Tried multiple times but kept giving error. Just another in the list of problems on this forum.

It seems you cannot edit or delete your own non-last comment after 10 minutes, but anyone else with enough points can. The behavior is strange but consistent. Allegory of the long spoons - Wikipedia

@jimk: I really do appreciate the reference to the long spoons

Still cannot edit my last comment from 30 hrs ago!

From Jim K: No, but you should be able to edit any of @ajlittoz’s or my comments.

May it be related to the fact I closed the topic?

May it be related to the fact I closed the topic?