[Meta] Who actually runs this site?

The title is the question: who actually runs this site? I know Q&A sites operate on the basis of reputation, trusted users, and “community” moderation. But who does this officially?

This question is inspired in part by an earlier “meta” Q&A on the structure of this site.

The Document Foundation wiki includes some information about the administration of the “Askbot” Q&A site, that officially supports the LibreOffice software suite.

It coincides with, but does not entirely match, the information culled from the User list. Unlike the StackExchange network – which serves as a model for the Askbot software, but is much more thoroughly and thoughtfully implemented – it is not possible to see at a glance from the user list who the official “moderators” and “administrators” actually are.

I extracted these lists from the user list as it is important to know who is most responsible for this site; and it should also be possible to “ping” them (with @username) should that seem appropriate.



Both lists sorted from oldest “user” to newest.