[Meta] Why does sorting "Unanswered" Q's by date include answered Q's?

Like the subject line says. When I click “unanswered” from the main green nav “banner”, and get questions with 0 (zero) answers. When I then try to sort those questions by date, the questions are all (?) answered! Note the formulation of the URL:

See a screenshot, if you like.

Do the colons (:slight_smile: break the URL? Is this an “Askbot” bug? It certainly doesn’t look like a “feature”! :wink:

Please have a look at this answer by @cloph:

Why are answered questions showing up as Unanswered?.

Another example:

Unanswered, sorted by answers :wink:


(please copy the complete line).

Maybe, with a few additional moderators, we could decrease the number of “unanswered questions” a little bit?

See also: How do I mark the best answer to my question on this site?

@manj_k - ah! (doh!) I should have researched a little better before posting this Q&A. =/ It’s still somewhat counter-intuitive, IMO. Anyway, thanks for the helpful reply. It is a frustration when you see good answers not getting the checkmark treatment. I at least try to vote up good ones in that case!

Improvements are a never ending story!

A question where the best answer is not flagged for a certain time (2 - 3 weeks?)

  • it is moved into a new category (best answer not flagged for xxxx weeks)
  • automatically a question is addressed to the person who placed the question to ask to flag best answer or update the situation to enable further possible solutions



The current settings are:

Two reminders (to accept the best answer) after 10/20 days.

image description

The question is whether this works.