microsoft access equivalent in LO?

I have an extensive mailing list (~10,000 names) on Microsoft Access in Microsoft Office 2000 on an old PC running Windows XP. I used Access to MailMerge with Word.
New computer, a Mac OSX 10.13.4, with LibreOffice.
Is there in LibreOffice a program similar to Microsoft Access? If so, how to transfer the information from Access to the LibreOffice program?
Can’t seem to find this topic in the Document Foundation or FAQs.

LibreOffice has the module Base for database usage. Use New > Database to start the wizard. In Windows the drop down “Connection” has an item “Microsoft Access”. But the connectors are likely different between Windows and Mac, so I cannot help you further. As long as your old PC works, you should export from Microsoft Access to dBase, to csv and to xls. These formats can be imported in other applications in most cases.

And perhaps you can use the Access2Base library, which is includes in LibreOffice.

For best results, install an engine such as MySQL and connect with LibreOffice Base. Embedded databases are quicker to set up but not recommended, as explained at FAQ (Base) - Apache OpenOffice Wiki.

LO Base is very different from MS Access, so you may need to write SQL queries to move the data from Access into MySQL. Or if the data is simple enough, there are various ways to copy and paste data with a GUI, such as LibreOffice Calc or MySQL Workbench.

Definitive Answer…Export your MS ACCESS database to .Xls…what’s even “SWEETER” you don’t have to even create a table ahead of time to accept the data…Simply Open the .xls in libre calc…copy the data like you see in the video …open Librebase…then click PASTE…all easy from there