Microsoft account requires JavaScript to login?

Ok, the scenario
I have OneDrive mapped as a drive with credentials provided/stored.

  • this OneDrive is completely separate from my personal OneDrive/personal Microsoft account.

Now, I can copy to/from this drive quite happily, but when I try to open a document on said mapped drive, I get a document saying …

“Microsoft account requires JavaScript to sign in. This web browser either does not support JavaScript, or scipts are being blocked.”

I’ve got a JRE (v. 1.8.0_251) installed, but that appears to be irrelevant. I’ve also tried to setup a login using the ‘remote’ option, but, as mentioned elsewhere, that doesn’t work.

So. Question. Does LibreOffice/Writer support JavaScript for connection/login purposes or not? - T’would seem not …

Why do you ask this here? Why did you tag the question writer?

This web browser...
What web browser? Try

setup a login using the 'remote' option
You mean this?

as mentioned elsewhere, that doesn't work
Mentioned where for example?

It seems to me that you may be trying to use LibreOffice instead of a web browser to access OneDrive. However, your question does not state this.

Maybe you could copy the file from the mapped drive to your computer and then open it in Writer.

I have the same problem when using Writer. It happens with using Microsoft Edge.

Does anyone meet it?