Microsoft interference with Libreoffice

Beginning today, when I try to open LO files saved in the Excel format, I am taken automatically to a Microsoft excel log-in requiring a license code. Previously I accessed file from my Passport drive or direct from LO no matter the format used when saving the files. Can this be avoided or is this MS taking over control of my computer to screw with LO.
I have this problem with both excel and word formats. It also looks as though previously good files have been corrupted since downloading the latest update to LO (or Windows?). Anybody else having problems?

Probably something changed the file association of MS Office file types like e.g .xlsx, or .docx back to their native applications Excel or Word. You should be able to reassign these extensions to LibreOffice and everything should be as before. Just assure to not double clcick the file names in order to open 'em but to right click the filename, selecting Open with and the proper LibreOffice module and don’t forget the Always use this application (or similar named) check box.

@chris74, See detailed answer at windows update, excel takes over.


sounds like you are having trouble with your File Associations.
Windows likes to reset/changes those on updates.

This might help:

or search the net for changing “file associations”

Hope that helps.