Microsoft Visio and LibreOffice

Was wondering if the LibreOffice “platform”? has a copy cat version, or something similar to Microsoft’s Visio?

When I worked with previous employers in the commercial/industrial sector, I would often use Visio to bypass the COSTLY and very “involved” AutoCAD/solidworks softwares to more or less make poor man’s diagrams and schematics, for various systems & and equipments I was designing, installing, repairing, troubleshooting, etc; and in relatively short time (whether or not it was faster than the traditional programs I just mentioned, I don’t know, maybe).

So I was trying to see if LibreOffice had it/something like it.
If not, does anyone know if it is something that is coming down the pipeline at some point in LibreOffice?
If not, can a request for it to be started, be made?
If so, where at?

Download and install LibreOffice.

Download LibreOffice - Feel free - The Document Foundation Wiki

LibreOffice - Installing under Windows 10 / 11 - The Document Foundation Wiki

Installation Instructions | LibreOffice - Free Office Suite - Based on OpenOffice - Compatible with Microsoft

Open Draw (drawing program) and open the Visio file.


So just to be clear:
LibreOffice does have something like Visio and it’s called “Draw”, correct?

  • Yes, Draw can open Visio files.
  • No, Draw is not fully compatible to Visio…

Depends on your needs. If you search for software for technical drawings give draw a try or check the guides to the software.
Draw is older than Visio, so was never designed as a replacement. It will lack parts like integration to sharepoint etc.
I’d usually place it more like a simple CAD -software. But (german) Wikipedia has it on the list of alternatives to Visio.
Guide to Draw


I posted a reply to this comment, but don’t see it, do you see it??

No. You can check on your registered activity in your own profile: Click on the M in a filled circle (first letter of your ScreenName), then on the rightmost icon in the small menu. At activity you can trace your posts.

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I tried going to where you pointed me to, but I don’t see ANY messages. Maybe I’m not in the right place. But either way, it was to the effect of me agreeing to your comment about Draw not having all the parts available to make it near Visio status, since when I go to use draw it does not expand/add the Main page when I Insert Objects and then need to add them outside the page (like Visio does do).

You can upload a file here for someone to look at and examine.

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I am just trying to reply to your comment so I don’t know if my reply is “allowed”.
But I uploaded a screen shot of what I am referring to about Draw “missing parts” like Visio, where the Image that was originally in the RED X location, after being Dragged over to any of the BLUE X locations, does NOT “command” the Main Page “edges” in BLUE dimension LINE to expand into the the direction of the BLUE ARROWS in order to allow for the Image to still be included into the Main Page. Like it would in Visio.

The screenshot alone does not help.
Please upload the original file here so someone can look at it and examine it. Thank you.

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No, moving or adding objects does not affect page size.

To change page size click Page > Page Properties > Page. If you aren’t constrained by the need to print then you can create massive sized pages measured in metres if you want; otherwise choose a printable size.

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Yea, I saw that feature prior, but wasn’t sure if I missed something somewhere else to have a more similar effect to Visio. I don’t know if you ever used it, but it is a night & day difference to able to have the Main Page expand as you add more Objects & Lines, as I do when designing a schematic. If it wasn’t for industry standards & code requirements I would exclusively use Visio over AutoCAD for this feature alone, makes system design so much more efficient. Alas, I think this will have to do. I have dualy expanded the page to over 100"; I will figure out the conversion process for printing latter.

Appreciate your reply.
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