Migrating macro from Excel to LO

I need help with migrating macro form Excel to LibreOffice. Does anybody has interest to help?

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I am willing to take a look at it. I have had some success with “adjusting” Excel VBA macros so they will directly run on Libreoffice. There are some pitfalls. But, I’d be happy to take a look.

  • that is “approach #1” that is, change the VBA code so it runs. (fix XL specific stuff)
  • “approach #2” is to re-write the code in LO Basic, or another language. I’m not very experienced in that. (but I’m learning)

OK, I looked at the PNG image.
Easiest would be to Email me the file at TedTorres@juno.com
But, looking at the PNG, it seems to me that you may have to re-write the code to Manually search for what you are looking for, just like is done right before the Error. in essence, not to use the built-in Excel search feature.


Please tell me how to send you the excel file.
It is a excel file, where the agents report their visits/calls in customers.
First sheet is a kind of “database” with some data for the customers.
Second sheet is reporting section, where has a search form from which we look for a customers data in first sheet.
Results are in hidden temp sheet.
Currently in LO the macro stops with error when trying to assign temp table with search results to search form field to choose a customer.
The code is
Search_List_Names.RowSource = “name_Search_List”
I am sending a screenshot from excel, where the vba macro works.

Thank you and best regards,