Minimize fullscreen mode with URL.. in Button control

i am loading odt from in fullscreen mode now i want to minimize it using button .

for close form i am using in control URL section with .uno:CloseDoc as input can i use control URL section for minimizing
form or any other way without exiting fullscreen mode to minimize…

thanking in advance for any comment…

There are no uno commands for such. This will work:

Sub Snippet
  Dim oContainerWindow As Variant
  oContainerWindow = thisComponent.CurrentController.Frame.ContainerWindow
  oContainerWindow.IsMinimized = True
End Sub

@koolninja Sorry for the multiple posts. When I found the solution, I was in haste and made a simple error & then realized it could be cut down further.

Thanks for this…

My pleasure. Glad it’s what you’re looking for.