Minor issue with .txt files

I have recently downloaded LibreOffice 3.5 to replace an old version of Open Office (3.2, I think) on my work computer (a Mac running OS 10.4.11 - I know it needs an upgrade, but I don’t get to make those kinds of decisions). I’m having a minor issue. When I open old .txt files that are saved on my computer, the files open in Writer. When I open old .txt files that are saved on our server, the files are open in Calc.

I would prefer that .txt always open in Writer. Is there a way to make this the default setting?

I think this is an os-related issue, not a LO-specific one. Sadly, i don’t have any experience with mac OS, but i think you should look for a way to tell your OS how to open different file types.

Hi @Mistasteve,

Please look at the directions in the answer to this question: How do I open a file with a .tsv extension as a .csv file on a Mac using OpenOffice Calc

Hopefully that change will make your text files only open with Writer for you.