Mint not Updating LibreOffice?

Working on my Linux Mint machine, LibreOffice has been slightly buggy for a while, and some answers I’ve read here are making me suspect that’s because it’s missing some updates. However, all the recommended paths to address this (" Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Online Update" and “Help - Check for Updates”) are missing when I look for them. Why these things, and how do I fix them?

BTW you should be able to install multiple versions of LO at the same time. But you will have to download them from the LO main site, and manually unpack and then install using dpkg. If you need help with this say so and I’ll try to post my notes on this.

Online update is a function of those installs of LibreOffice that are self-managed (e.g., installed from a package offered from official LibreOffice cite), and not managed by distro’s package managers. If your installation is managed by Mint, then it’s their decision what, when, and up to which version to update.

On Ubuntu-based distros, one could update to a version other than offered by official packages, using:

  1. PPA of LibreOffice Packaging Team;
  2. Snap;
  3. AppImage;
  4. Flatpak;
  5. DEB package fromTDF.

On my Linux-Mint Mate system the version provided by Linux-Mint is 4.2.8 or 5.4.5. I use the DEB package approach and have 6.1 and 6.2 installed. I have left the 5.4.5 only for testing but do not use it. I removed 4.2.8. I find it easy to use the DEB approach.

It may be easier, but if you use the PPA you’ll get the added bonus of getting updates the same way Mint does.