Mismatch font spacing cross-platform!

I have been using LibreOffice for quite sometimes now in win10. Recently I installed Ubuntu-Mate 16.04 and even updated to the latest version of LO But when I opened a document there, the spacing and some of the sentences got messed up quite badly. I used ranging of fonts, but mostly I only used Helvetica. My documents consist lots of odg and some odt too.

So why can this happen? I mean I used the same program. I made the document from scratch using solely LO, without ever touching other office program. The difference was only in the different OS. Any light on this issue?

Probably, Helvetica is not installed on your Ubuntu system (the Helvetica font distributed with windows is a proprietary font so you’ll not find it installed by default on any Linux system, as you’ll never find Times New Roman and others) and LibO is performing a substitution.

I’ve put all fonts that I used in .font folder of my home directory and rebuild the font cache. I read somewhere that’s how to install many fonts in Ubuntu. The problem itself isn’t in the font, because the font is displayed correctly. Only the spacing that is terribly different. In that sense, I’ve to redo all the spacing one by one, yucks! What a shame :frowning: