Mismatched Display Widths of Cells/Content

I have two calc files built from the same source, and formatted generally the same. But from A1 onward, they display heights slightly differently, and widths noticeably so. This is to the point where manually wrapped text, copied and pasted in full (selected by column and not cell) do not display the same way. Even the UI has slight discrepancies (The function Sigma shifts slightly, for example.)

If you alternate between the two from A1, it looks like a mild shift. By column H, the same content does not fill the area equally (visible on row 29.) If you look at the AB-AI page, the same content is off by an entire cell.

Zoom, formatting, column widths and row heights are all equal. Default formatting are the same. If I accidentally changed a setting, I haven’t been able to figure it out - although I can assume it would be in the S1-Test file, as it is the one acting out of sync compared to several files using the same formatting. For the test files, I made sure to copy and paste the entire column range of A to AI inclusive to eliminate any obvious editing mistakes I might have missed.

Any help is appreciated.
S1-Test.ods (33.1 KB)
S2-Test.ods (39.0 KB)

As a general comment, text wrapping doesn’t work well with proportional fonts or zoomed display. Tends to result in hidden characters and blank lines.

Compare the Default cell styles in two documents - font sizes are different.
Make them the same, then save and reopen the documents.

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To me both documents and row heights / column widths look equal, even to the pixel. I only notice a small discrepancy starting at column W where in S2 both W and X are a tad wider than in S1.
Both LibreOffice 7.1.5 and 7.2.1 on Linux.

I guess I’m just overtired and missed it on one file. Thank you!

In MS Windows (original file generator) the difference is noticeable.

May depend on whether the font is installed or not, I don’t have Lucida Console.