Missing Capital letters in Graph Legend

When I type the name of the legend in the gap “range for name” in the “data ranges” window it does not allow to have Capital letters. For my work it is essential and very important. As there is a big difference between the name without capital letters and with. For example I need to write “SiPrMetIm column” and it is not acceptable and not understandable if the name would be just “siprmetim column”. Help me please to find a way how to put capitals in the name of the legends.!!!

??? - “Range for Name” is a reference to a cell containing the name and not the name itself and in general in an XY Scatter it is the reference to the header column of the Y values → Rename the header column. Or do I misunderstand your question? (Did you leave off the headers, when defining the chart?)

thank you very much for reply I will try to do as it was illustrated below, but yes, I do not understand why it could not be done more straight forward? If I do not put anything in the “range for name” when the “data ranges” is in the position of “Name” I will obtain in the legend that the curve is corresponded to the let say name - “Column B” for example or C,D, if there are several curves. So I thought(and it is very logistic to think so) that I can replace the column header in a way: putting exact name in the range for name, as I try to describe earlier. Also I am afraid that I did not get you question “Did you leave off the headers, when defining the chart?” if I got it right, yes, I usually rid of the legend and put everything that I need to the 1st and 2nd title. but now I need to have more then one curve, so it was a problem,yes I am beginer and start to use libre office calc very recent, tried to follow the logic and ‘experimental probe’,so did not read the manual.thanksforhelp

It is absolutely straight forward, if you add the headers of your data ranges into the range when defining an chart - I cannot imagine how it could be made easier. My illustration is just to show you could use any cell - but by default there will be Sheet1.$B$1 in Range for Name and if the column is named SiPrMetIM you will see exactly that in your legend.


hopefully I understand your question correctly - see my comment and the following image, which should visualize my comment and thus making the relationships more clear.