missing data in range

Hello. I am attempting to define a range, from A2 to A56. I do so and the range is named ‘categories’ and the range definition is:


However, when I set this range to the ‘cell range’ of the data validity of a cell, say C1, the last three items in the range do not appear in the drop down selection for that cell C1. I have been trying combinations of ‘Expand cell…’ and recalculate and saving, closing, reopening and changing the validity to all values then back to that cell range. Nothing helps!

I still have a defined range with missing values. I appreciate any help!

The last item in the range was important but missing. I reordered my list to have that important item not at the end, but up in the list a bit. This worked! I can now see and select that important item. I am still missing some fields from the bottom of the list, but they are unimportant.

If you are sorting maybe the option Menu/Tools/Options/LIbreOffice calc/General - Update references when sorting range of cell, is bothering you.

Just tried to reproduce what you reported with a column range of 55 random entries. Couldn’zt get what you reported.
Check this attached example, please.