Missing Files/Disappeared

I noticed the other night that two of my files I had been working on the most weren’t on my computer. I usually opened them via the recent tab on my libreoffice and I had removed them from the recent for some reason. But I always kept them in an easy space to open them.

I hadn’t touched the files in a few weeks maybe a month or so and hadn’t really thought they would just be gone. I tried looking for them using the search feature in my desktop and couldn’t find them. So I googled some options and one was trying to access an older backup of the file. That doesn’t work. So I read that there’s a recovery program that has a free download you can try and I downloaded it. I seem to have maybe found the one program but seeing as I don’t want to pay 97 dollars, I’m going to try to rewrite my work using the program’s preview. Now as for the other file I can’t find it anywhere in the recovery program or anywhere on my computer. I’ve searched words I know were in it and nothing. All I can find is an older version of it before I saved it as a different file months back.

I figure it’s probably gone for good and that’s terrible because that was two years worth of work but any help would be appreciated.
I’m using a lenovo with windows 10. This is the first issue from Libre I’ve ever had and frankly it’s almost enough to make me stop using it.

LibreOffice can’t move or delete files; that needs to be done elsewhere, such as in your OS file manager, so it won’t have been the fault of LO that your files are gone.

Yes, you may have removed the listing of the files in the Recent Files, but that does not affect the actual files; it merely removed the listing of the file.

For future peace of mind, you might consider using a backup strategy that saves multiple backups of your files.

I didn’t say Libre deleted or moved them. Just that it was the first issue I’d had. I’ve seen plenty of replies were people get up in arms over Libre not moving or deleting them. The issue is it happened to a Libre file so there’s something about that fact it’s a Libre file that caused it to be moved or deleted by my system. My question is where are they and how can I find them?

I also had the automatic backup option turned on for Libre in case my computer shut down randomly due to a storm or something. Going through the backup route didn’t help me either. I plan if I can find them or if I have to rewrite my work to start saving it on varying forms such as a google document, a flashdrive, and wherever else it may be safe.

The free Glary Utilities (www.glarysoft.com) has a search facility that might find your missing file, if you know the exact name it was given. Possible.