Missing "insert special characters" buttons

There were two buttons for inserting special characters on the Standard toolbar (the second button had the drop-down arrow for opening the small Special Character selection list window".

I was testing something and on the Customize < Toolbars page, I used the arrow to move both buttons to the left side, thus removing them from the toolbar.

Now I want to move both buttons back to the toolbar but cannot find them, even with the All Commands category open. I have run searches for them, but still have no luck.

What might have happened and how can I retrieve those two buttons?


The ‘special characters’ (Omega) is under the category Insert with command Symbol. It seems the second is Special Functions as Emoji.

Wow. Thank you. I could never have figured that out. It is confusing, since I think they were called “Insert Special Characters” when I inserted them originally.
Are there other buttons that behave like this?

Sorry, but most of what is out there is outdated such as - Toolbars.

Answered your question based upon my toolbar.

Well, it worked for me and I appreciate your help.