Missing something with respect to formatting text

Hello everyone,

I have a cell with a user defined format:

Format: “ST-”#,
Input: 1,
Shows: ST-1

But when I try to input “1a”, it doesn’t work anymore. Could anyone show me how to do the user definition so that i end up with “ST-1a”, please?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions.


“1a” is a text (string). Number formats work with numbers, not with texts.
Be sure to understand, that the “1” as a part of a text isn’t a number, but a character.
If you actually need your “ST-1a” based on an input of “\d+a” where “\d+” is a placeholder for any positive number of decimal digits, you need to use a formula in a different cell.
Assuming your input goes to cell A1, the formula might read =REGEX(A1;"(\d+)"; "ST-$1"; 1).
To understand the formula you need to learn the basics about regular expressions.
That’s nothing to do with formatting as applicable to numbers.

That all makes sense… Thank you very much :slight_smile:
As an alternative, I can change my cell formatting to a text and then use the digits as strings. Which in my case, with small adjustments, actually works just the same.


"ST-"@ format string should work. Obviously you don’t need numbers, only strings, when use those ‘1’ and ‘1a’.