Missing text from Writer table

Hi,I imported a .docx with table and converted to .odt with minor loss of formatting (slight change to column width). I then spent several hours editing and adding to the text being careful to save periodically (with no apparent loss of formatting, I should add). At the end of the session I saved and shut down my machine. Upon reboot later the entire right hand column was missing along with all its text. The word count, however, still thinks that the correct number of words exist until any column width or other formatting is changed. If the file is viewed as print preview or exported as .docx or .pdf it only contains the left column and few words.
Might it be possible for someone savvy to salvage the missing text from within the file code or should I just bite the bullet and start again? Many thanks!

Copy the .odt to a .zip file name, then extract the .zip. Edit the content.xml with your favourite xml editor to adjust the table column widths.

This just happened to me after upgrading LibreOffice to 5.2 (.deb package on Kubuntu 16.04).
I could extract the lost text, but the table header information looked garbled, and I couldn’t find width information at all.
Is there a definition of the odt Table xml somewhere?