Missing toolbar, header section or

Basic problem description - if my cursor is in cell b2 I should be able to see/edit the actual content of it in a section above the actual worksheet. That display (which was in the area displaying font data) is missing.
Possibly related - the icon tells me there’s a new version (LibreOffice 7.4) whch I duly downloaded and installed with no errors or complication BUT on checking, it tells me the installed version is (x86)
Help please, I’m a simple soul so please keep the answer simple too …

menu View | Formula Bar

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Short and sweet, thank you. Any thoughts on version not loading ?

How are you checking? Menu Help - About LibreOffice?

Leroy, yes, via Menu Help - About LibreOffice

Check out this page for installation issues in Windows, General Installation Issues (Windows) - The Document Foundation Wiki