Missing Toolbar text in all LibreOffice (Base, Writer, Calc, Draw, etc)

I am running LibreOffice 3.4 in Ubuntu with then Unity Desktop. I just noticed that the Toolbar, where File, Edit, View, etc., is populated with Dashes - not text. The pull-down menus located with these items are mostly dashes as well. This is all across the LibreOffice platform. If I open any of these apps in Gnome or Gnome Classic, no problems. The Toolbar is populated with text as it should be. Furthermore, though this may not be related, if I open LibreOffice, rather than the individual component, the screen showing “LibreOffice” and all the programs in LibreOffice appears “broken”. Some times this LibreOffice Front page just pops up whenever I open anything near the top of Unity. I have done uninstalled twice and. Once via Ubuntu Software center and once via Synaptic. Thank you for your time and assistance.

You should update to 12.04 and see if it is still present there.