Mistakenly deleted icon from tool bar

I mistakenly deleted the strike out icon from tool bar and want to reinstate it, How do I do that

These instructions are based on LO; hopefully whatever version you have has a similar menu structure.

From the menu, select Tools | Customise; in the Customise dialog select the Toolbar tab. Use the target drop down list to select Formatting; if the Strikethrough option is there but unchecked, select it again.

If it isn’t on the list, choose Options from the Category list to the left of formatting, find Strikethrough and add it, via the arrows between the lists, to the assigned commands in the Formatting list - make sure it is checked.

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thank you very much

Secondary click on the Formatting toolbar, select Visible Buttons, select Strikethrough.

If Strikethrough is already selected but not visible in the toolbar,¹ secondary click on the Formatting toolbar, select Customize Toolbar…, look for this command in the Assigned Comands list, press the Move up button (to the right) as necessary, OK.

Âą Due to a small screen or little space left for that toolbar.

Tested on version (x64), Windows 10.0.

thank you very much for your help