Mixed languages in some menus


When opening the “File” menu I see there’s a mix of English (which I want) and some German (which I don’t want) language. See below:

image description

How to solve this?

And what is the language defined as the UI language?


See also bug tdf#104547.
Regarding my experience the issue only shows if LibreOffice was started without a document first.and a document created or loaded later. Opening a document associated with LibO from a file manager results in a “monolinguaö UI” for me.

@gabix: Sorry for the late reply. I thought I would get e-mails when responses were made to this thread. Apparently, something went wrong with this…
Answering your question: UI = English (UK), Locale = Dutch (Belgium), Default language for documents: English (UK). So, nowhere near, there’s a selection of the German language and still it’s partly used in many of the menus.
But I’ve seen by the answer of other people it’s not a new issue. Still not solved, it seems (I’m using

Still not solved, it seems (I’m using obsolete

tdf#104547 is closed WORKSFORME for 6.0.

Confirm WORKSFORME as of V6.0.y

Solved with the introduction of LO 6.