Modify default list of languages for spell check

When setting the language for spell checking, there is a default list of languages for quick selection. On my machine that list includes “English (USA)”. I would like to find “English (UK)” instead since I never use the US variety of that language, UK being considered the international standard in many contexts.

Note that English is not my default western language (that would be German) so changing the default language is not an option.

I also realize that I can choose “English (UK)” from the dialogue but I would like to be spared those clicks and have it in the default quick select list instead.

“English (UK)” does get added to the list after I have used it once, but only for the current session and not permanently.

So, is there any way the default quick select list can be modified to that end?

This would really be convenient. I have the same requirement as yours. I’m afraid this is not presently possible. Maybe something based on dictionaries checked in Tools>Options, Language Settingd?

And what is the problem actually? Switch your input language to English (UK) and enjoy.

As I said, I can easily change the language to English (UK) in the dialogue, but I would like to see it in the quick select list. It is about convenience rather than a missing functionality, but convenience is important. I find it rather annoying to have to click my way through the dialogue and scroll through an almost infinite list of languages to be able to switch the input language, especially since a quick access feature does exist (Tools > Language > For XX > [list of languages]). Apparently, that list is generated based on what libreoffice believes it finds in the document, but English seems to always be classified as English (USA) which I find mildly bizarre, but that may be due to my European background. Changing the input language/keyboad layout of the OS has no effect either (plus, my keyboard layout simply is not English). Thus, I am looking for a way to tell LibreOffice that I want a specific set of languages to be available there.

English seems to always be classified as English (USA)

No, it is not. If a document is properly formatted, LibreOffice will detect and list all its languages differentiating language variants. Anyway, what you describe cannot be achieved with LO’s current functionality and deserves a feature request that you can file at Bugzilla.

I suppose that’s what I am going to do. Wanted to be sure there is nothing that I overlook before, though.

LibreOffice’s default settings (which take input language into account) should automatically set the text you enter to have the language of the selected input language. If you e.g. have English (UK) keyboard layout configured on your system, and use it for input, then you should have your text be set to en-UK without any effort. Doesn’t that happen?

Well, not on Fedora 31/Gnome 3.34 anyway. Spell checking remains entirely unaffected by the selected input method. Setting LANG sort of works but it will render the entire application in en-UK – and sure is inconvenient.

Ah, yes - that’s tdf#108151.

The functionality does not exist presently. However, with my experience of multi-lingual documents, I think you can work around it in a very convenient way.

Switching language manually for spell-checking is wrong, mainly for two reasons: it is a direct formatting instance (which will always play tricks on your back) and you may forgot to switch (or to remove an instance).

In an elaborate document, “styling” is used to semantically markup your text. Among the attributes of paragraph and character styles, there is one located in the Font tab called Language.

When I write a full paragraph in a foreign language (a language different from the default language for document), I style it with a paragraph style derived from Text Body with language set for this language. Similarly, I have a character style with only the language set to format insertion of words in the other language inside a paragraph.

I also have a character style with language None to tag math variables, trademarks or computer jargon to eliminate them from spell-checking.

The inconvenience is to duplicate similar paragraph styles which differ only by their language, but I gain them in speed (and number of clicks) in selecting only the paragraph style either from the toolbar menu or the style sidepane. These styles are included in my custom template and are available for all my documents.

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Hmm, yeah, that sort of does the trick. It’s not quite the same thing but pretty good for multilingual texts. Still, for mono-lingual it would be nice to have language selection in the quick menu somehow configurable. I’ll accept, though, that this does not currently exist.

In mono-lingual context, there is no need to manually switch language per paragraph (or other uses). If document language is different from default language (for all documents), you just modify Language in Default Style Font tab and it propagates to all other styles. A one time change.

It’s not so much a monolingual context as mono-lingual documents in a multilingual context. I regularly write documents in three languages and en-US is not one of them, while en-UK is. I would just like to be able to quickly switch to the languages that I use regularly without the need to go into the the dialogue.

I understand better now. Outside designing a dedicated template where only the language for Standard Style is changed, I don’t see a convenient solution.