Modify Toolbar

I am unable to modify the calc toolbar in v 4.1.4 for mac.
I open the toolbar dialogue, uncheck the icons that i do not need, add those that I do, click okay…and the default toolbar remains.
I had set up my toolbars in an earlier version, and everything was fine…I was surprised that this version did not capture those preferences, as previous upgrades had done so.
Perhaps I am going about it improperly.

What is your OSX name/version? How did you modify toolbar? Tools | Customize | Toolbar tab | and checking/unchecking the buttons? It works on Windows.

Maybe try out to rename a profile: and report back if this helps. If yes, then you have some system specific problem.

If someone from mac can test this and see if this is a bug or not, if yes then report it on:

Thanks, I am using OS 10.8.5 on MacPro. On my other machine, with same OS, no problems…so it looks like a machine specific issue. Have not had a problem like this before. Will try a restart and see how it goes.
Again, thank you

@johnsailor if it turns out to be a machine specific issue, could you return here and add that information? If you made any changes to make it work, it could be helpful to others.