Modifying a rectangle

Hi, just started using LibreOffice and it’s great!
I am trying to modify a rectangle shape to appear as an L. Is there a way to accomplish such a thing?

I found this file that is actually doing it BUT when trying to find out how they did it, well I just can’t find a way.

It seems that it has some dark dots and allow the shape to move either up/down.

Anyone has an idea?

Thanks in advance!


… a rectangle shape to appear as an L.

What does that mean exactly.
Do you want specific dimensions?
Do you want to change the shape?

It is a rectangle that has two black dots in ti, and when you drag those dots, it changes from a true rectangle, to what you see in the image.

Check the current Draw 7.3 guide: pages 63 ff. - Headlines: Curves and polygons; Editing points

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Shapes with such kind of handles are “custom shapes”.

The shape in the screenshot is a “L-shape” as provided by PowerPoint and predefined in OOXML. It is not contained in our predefined shapes. There is no UI to create such shape in LO, but if you have a document with it, you can drag the shape into an own theme in the Gallery and use it then in other documents.

If you want to create such shape from scratch, you need to write the needed XML markup directly in the file source. In case you are interested in doing such, you find a tutorial in our books.