Modifying the Garamond font

I just got the EB Garamond open source font. I use LibreOffice Writer and got the font to work. The characters are great but the numerals are ‘old-style’ : not in-line. It seems the font packages both the old-style and in-line versions for numerals; and the old-style is activated by default. The feature ‘lnum’ activates the in-line numerals but I have no idea how to do so.

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Features such as lnum are opentype font features, actually not supported. MS Word does it partially.

In the Google font version of EBGaramond, this is supported.

You must be using the older version of EB Garamond.
Get a better, updated, and enhanced version of EB Garamond here:

The default numbers in that version are tabular lining.
So just download that font package, un-install the old version, install the new version.

The numbers will already be in the format you want.

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Just for completeness (this is an old thread): since LibO 5.3, you can use lining numerals with the original EBGaramond font by appending :lnum to the font name in the style definition.

Notice that EBGaramond12, while adding some neat features (like real bold face) it’s still rough in (some) corners, so I’m not sure of recommending it as a full replacement of the original font.

Hmmm … I did not notice how old this post is.
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