Mojave, LibreOffice and 2 days of work lost

This is not a question so much as a warning. I recently updated to Mojave and had no apparent issues. Stupidly I switched on OpenCL in preferences as scrolling is jankie afterwhich the app requested a restart which I did without issue - my document reloaded without issue. No idea if this OpenCl adjustment could be related, it didn’t stick regardless.

However sometime between a system restart (I saved and quit Writer as usual) and finishing for the night my work from 2 days past is gone today. Autosave is activated as are track changes yet no evidence of these backups exist. I have been thrown into a document that appears to be current (get info in finder shows it as last saved yesterday). I’ve checked in Terminal and no other version, no backup or autosave exists.

If anyone can see something I’ve missed please let me know.

I am massively inconvenienced by this. Am going back to Word just because this kind of stress is killer for someone with hepatic fibrosis. Y’all been warned.

So, during two days you never saved your work relying on the autosave feature? That is utterly stupid. Good luck with Word, but unless you change your habits you will have your work lost again and again. Or what was your posting about? Anyway, this is a question-and-answer site, so it’s off-topic.

“That is utterly stupid.”

You’re a lot of fun aren’t you?

No, in fact the work was saved daily (no doubt not frequent enough for you), my point was not even autosave files could be found and there was no tracking data in spite of it being turned on.

I hate Word, it’s the reason I switched to LO.

And good luck with making any friends with such a snarky dismissive attitude, lovely username though.

no doubt not frequent enough for you

Exactly. I hit Ctrl+S to save an ongoing work quite frequently, it has become a reflex action. I have been using OOo/AOO/LO for about 15 years and have never lost 2 days of work (half an hour max.). Get such a habit. It is useful for Word too.

Perhaps you should curb your righteousness and realise that aside from coming over as an asshole, you’ve not even begun to address the question. Saves were made daily at a minimum and yet work is lost without a trace, not even tracking or autosave files.

Perhaps you should curb your ego and realize that you have not asked any question at all. What is the question actually?

Pretty sure my ego is not the problem in this little exchange. If you berate a person right out of the gate (for behaviour you have no evidence they’re guilty of) then a response is almost a given. As for question I don’t have any for you, the obvious one’d be why behave like such a prick for no reason at all but I’m damn sure I don’t care to know the answer.

Accidental data loss is a fact of life. I’ve lost much more before. It doesn’t really matter which OS or application, now I spend much more effort backing up as I go. For example, I use btrfs. It backs up ever hour. I also regularly do a full backup with rsync. I wrote a custom tool to do that well. And I’ve done a full burn down test to make sure that the restore works properly. I often copy a folder. And I wrote a backup utility for LO that I use with base. And I still feel vulnerable.

I’ve never lost data without being able to pin it to a cause. My save habits are fine (though admitedly I have no redundancy). I had a complete file and then that file was devolved by 2 days. If I have no way of establishing possible cause then I have to blame the app. If I have an app that’s randomly devolving my files then I’d be pretty foolish to rely on it.

By the way if you allow spiny little molluscs like my friend gabix up there to routinely spit at people like that then I think you should review your protocols.

I’ve never lost data without being able to pin it to a cause … If I have no way of establishing possible cause then I have to blame the app

Part of my process for the upgrade to Mojave was a surface scan. I accept that these things happen but that is quite simply not a credible explanation.

This wasn’t an explanation, that was possibility. And “credible” is not applicable here, because when we talk about something without reproduction scenario, we cannot talk about credibility, but only about probability. So - there are plenty of possible explanations there, silent data corruption among them; and although it’s not the one with the greatest probability, that doesn’t mean that one can blame anything else being 100% sure.

The point is that fringe scenarios aren’t much help nutting out something like this. I appreciate your time to address the problem and do not wish to seem as though I consider it a community responsibility to identify my issue but I do prefer to work from inside out.

“By the way if you allow spiny little molluscs like my friend gabix up there to routinely spit at people like that then I think you should review your protocols.” - lol. Looks to me like we have a full blown drama triangle going on here. @ojay, We’re not here to rescue you and you’e not a victim, and LO is not the perpetrator. If you weren’t backed up adequately you did this to yourself and you need to take responsibility.

@EasyTrieve In reference to my post being closed for being too argumentative, allowing assholes to piss on a persons leg soon as they step in the room and then can their post for objecting to the behaviour, I think It’s fair play to draw attention to that. As for you being hella patronising, well I can see your mate gabix’s attitude’s just symptomatic of an overall culture. I guess y’all must like it that way in here. It’s been fun, thanks for all the pish!

It is very interesting to see how LO deals with their users. “Spit on users” nails it, i think. And what about the problem itself? Not important as it seems. We will consider this the next time we discuss to switch back to MS Office(!) For sure, LO will NOT receive any donations from anybody connected to us.