Most stable version for Linux

Hello to the community,

I’ve recently been drawn back to LibreOffice after having used, many years ago, OOo… and having a lot of pain in the everywhere with it.

I use it with Debian and Neon and I was wondering which packaging format would be the most stable, because the snap version I have installed crashed on me a couple of hours ago.

  • the distribution repository
  • .deb install
  • appimage
  • snap
  • flatpak

As a side question, which one would be the best compromise between speed and stability?

All the best!

If you need stability, use Apache OpenOffice, if you need features, use LibreOffice. I don’t see any difference between builds installable from repos and builds from the official site. And I see no reason in installing anything but old good RPMs. However, my distro is openSUSE.

Just use whatever version is in the official repositories of your distro: don’t use the official builds nor snaps nor flatpaks nor anything else than good old official repositories and distro specific package managers.

Just use whatever version is in the official repositories of your distro

I read somewhere that appimage, snap, flatpak were likely more stable due to bundling the most adequate versions of dependencies, but for some reason I find them more unstable; moreover, one thing is granted, these sandboxed versions are way slower, especially noticeable when saving.

I installed from PPA, so let’s see how it goes.

All the best.