Mouse cursor stuck as bucket in LibreOffice Draw

I am using Draw to edit a multi-page PDF document. I selected an image and deleted it, so I’m very sure Draw is capable of doing this. But I must have clicked something, and now my mouse cursor is stuck as the bucket fill tool.

I can’t use it to fill in anything because I can’t select anything now. I try to select the selecting tool on the left toolbar, and it says I’m using it, but I’m still stuck with the bucket tool. I can’t select any other tool except the rectangular and circular tool. Although the cursor remains a bucket, I can actually make rectangular and circular shapes. I can select these shapes, and delete them, but I still can’t select anything else.

An old question that I thought was similar to mine said to press Esc. I have tried, but I’m still stuck with the bucket.


Esc would do the job for example in Writer. With Draw you have to click on the tool in the SidebarStyles & Formatting pane


I too am experiencing the problem of being stuck with the bucket fill tool - Esc does not work. No effect from Sidebar → Styles & Formatting. I can choose some other tools but fill can still stuck.

I just upgraded to version 6.03, problem went away.

I had the same problem with Impress.

In the top right corner of the sidebar click on the Sidebar Settings → Undock or just drag the sidebar to the left by selecting the sidebar title.

Once the sidebar is undocked close the sidebar window.

You can restore the sidebar by clicking on View → Sidebar


Just go to the sidebar
click on the Fill Format Mode
This fixed my problem … I hope it helps you! :slight_smile:

I fixed this by (also see image below)

  1. Clicking “show draw functions”,
  2. then adding a rectangle,
  3. Opening the sidebar (F11), and then clicking the styles tab
  4. Deselecting the Fill Format Mode

After that i could remove the square and use Impress normally