mouse pointer and presentation context menu bugs

Version: 6.4.2
OS: Windows 10 64-bit

  1. In presentation mode, right click does not bring up any context menu. This happens in both 6.4.2 and 6.3.5.
  2. After enabling mouse pointer as pen in the slide show settings, the mouse pointer permanently draws on the slides and cannot be erased. Even after I exit presentation mode, I see the writing on the slide preview. The only way to get rid of it is to highlight it, as if I had inserted a freeform object, and then delete it. This happens on version 6.4.2, version 6.3.5, as well as version 6.0.2.

Troubleshooting steps: I have uninstalled and reinstalled multiple versions and tried a ‘repair’ of each version. The context menu bug is not in version 6.0.2, therefore, I have a workaround only for that version by enabling mouse as pointer while I’m giving the presentation instead of in the settings.

I have the same problem … and I can not find a way to remove the drawings