mouse-selecting rows downward past the last row causes Calc scrolling uncontrollably

When I mouse-select rows downward, past the last visible row on the screen, Calc begins vertical-scrolling, which can not be stopped.

Sometimes it scrolls for minutes, sometimes hours. Sometimes I have to force shutdown (loosing my work).

I used to be able to drag the mouse to select a number of rows greater than the ones visible on screen. I would select and mouse-drag beyond the bottom of the screen and the scrolling would, very conveniently, speed up. When the mouse button was released, the scrolling would stop. Now, it causes the rows to continue being selected uncontrollably. Also the application becomes completely locked, all controls frozen.

I am running OL Version: (x64)
Build ID: 6b8ed514a9f8b44d37a1b96673cbbdd077e24059
CPU Threads: 4
under Win 8.1 64
on HP 15 Notebook PC

This is a bug report; and bug reports on this site are off-topic. Please report to bug tracker.

This is a little bit normal for all spreadsheet applications. Rows with content are time consuming to show and depending on screen drivers and options (set by user or defaults) for scrolling may send more “events” to the app. Empty rows are not. Solution?

Start from bottom.

I don’t think “normal” is the reason here. Speeding up the selection/scrolling the farther away from the grid area the mouse pointer is is intentional, but scrolling should slow down when the mouse pointer is moved towards the grid area again and should stop if the mouse button is released. Sensitivity may be different between different operating systems / window managers and might even depend on drivers, for me it works like it should (5.4, 6.0, 6.1 in Gnome under X11 on Linux with touchpad …

I have seen this exact behavior in many machines which were lagged, even for spreadsheets from other office suites. (Some non lagged machines had the same behavior, but there were books, files, magazines on top of the keyboard pressing keys…)