Mouseover tooltip on text

I am making documents that need traduction. (Texte printable in french, but espagnol in a tooltip)
I want to know if I can do a mouseover tooltip on text. Like the HTML Global title Attribute.



A workaround requiring less work might be to insert user-defined index entries.

In the example below entries have been defined for words (heard, quiet, behing, crook) and sentences.

I highlighted them in yellow so that they are visible on the screenshot. Bring the mouse to the beginning of the index entry to see the tooltip appear.

I did not do a lot of test. There may be limits (eg length of entry if it is a long sentence?).

See hover.odt

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This is better than the suggestions in the link in my answer.

Hi @jimk

Thank you for the feedback…


There is no direct way to do it, but label controls may be the best workaround. Note that this means it is no longer normal text, although it appears the same.

The question is answered along with example documents at [Solved+Issue] Hover message when mouse is over text (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum.