Move bibliography database

Dear experts,
I would like to copy my bibliography database and transfer it to another pc. Is there any feature like import / export for the bibliography database?
I googled it, but I didn’t find anything specific. I have noticed that the bibliography database is saved somewhere in my /home dirrctory, but I can’t find the filename.
Any ideas please?

The database is built under LibreOffice and the os is Fedora 20, kernel: 3.17.8-200.
the target pc is my laptop which has the same features.

Is it possible to transfer it?

Are you talking about a Linux bibliographic database or a LibO Base based database containing bibliographic?

It seems you are using Linux, thus which flavor/branch and version?

What is the OS of you target PC?

The more information you deliver, the better the help can be.

Ok!! I solved it! all the files, are stored at ~/.config/libreoffice

In this directory, if we go further at 4/user/database/biblio.odb we can see the whole bibliography database :slight_smile:

Copying this file, you 'll have everything from your bibliography!


There are biblio.odb (named by database name). Copy this file. You can also open it (editing more comfortable, also sorting)

I’m only starting to use this feature so I’m trying my best to structure my data so that I can easily manage it in the future - let’s say I have to change systems, backing up or something. I wonder what the rationale is for having that centralized database file to hold all your entries? Was the user expected to store all entries in one database and use/cite accordingly regardless if not all entries will be used for the particular project? Or should the collection be stored with the document/project that is actually going to cite it? This means however though that the entries will not be readily available to other files (unless you import etc…) Also, if you simply use the default, then you have to worry about 2 separate files when backing up right?