Move content of Cell automatically when checkbox is clicked (and move back when unclicked)


I have inserted a checkbox into a spreadsheet.
I would like to have content of cell E2 to move to cell I2 when the checkbox is clicked, is this possible and how?

(Not mandatory, but would be nice; is it also possible for the content of the cell I2 to move back to E2 when the checkbox is unclicked?)


Yes, it can be done. Just explain, please, why?

This is for automation of our workflow process, so that jobs can be checked off as done and then dissapear from the to-do column to the archived/done column

thanks for your help

This can be done with one helper column with values, one column with checkbox values (“Linked cell” in Data tab in checkbox options) and two columns with IF() functions.
The helper column contains the complete list of tasks and does not change. For ease of use, this column can be hidden after completion. The IF() function in column E displays the value from the auxiliary column if the checkbox is not enabled and an empty string otherwise. The IF() function in the column I works the other way around.

It is possible to implement the scenario that you described - to move the contents of the cell back and forth when the checkbox is clicked. But this will require a macro and additional protection against accidental deletion of data from the cell.

By the way, if you just need to visually clear the todo list from completed tasks, maybe conditional formatting will be enough, which will simply hide the text if the checkbox is checked?

I can offer a Base database we use since 12 years with multiple users across the local network. It can be used as a local database for a single user on one machine.
It has a todo list of tasks to be done every X days. An input form with 2 lists shows due tasks on the left and when you double-click on a task it moves to the right list of done tasks. When you delete it from the right side it moves back to the left.

[Base, Python] Todo and Done lists