Move line from below to column beside

I have a spreadsheet copied from a report in the format of name, address, name, address, etc. all in one column. I want to move the address into the column beside the name in order to keep everything together for sorting, etc.

Is there an easier way than copy & paste to move the addresses?

Is that row 1: name, row 2: address, row 3: name … scheme throughout the whole column or are there somewhere any additional rows breaking that scheme?

The entire column (that I haven’t already copy/pasted) is that way; no other breaks.

Edit: Since the address is every other row, this is what I am doing: holding the Ctrl key, I highlight each cell with an address that is currently visible, then copy, then (still holding Ctrl) I highlight each row that I copied the address from. Then I release Ctrl, right click and “delete rows”. I then go to column 2 beside the first name in the group and paste. Addresses now beside names so they can be sorted etc as a unit.

This would, of course, not work if there were more than 2 rows involved for each unit.

hello cyteen,

poor mans simple manual solution …

assuming your data is in col. A, starting with name in A1, if other convert cell names below appr.

make a backup or assure that one exists,

as a small check against hidden errors confirm you have an even number of rows,

copy A2:Axxx, paste in B1:Bxxx-1,

type ‘1’ in C1,

type ‘2’ in C2,

copy’npaste C1:C2 to C1:Cxxx,

apply autofilter to A1:Cxxx,

filter col. ‘C’ to show only rows with ‘2’,

select all theese rows,

right click 'delete rows,

unfilter col. ‘C’,

select col. ‘C’, right click ‘delete columns’,

and you are done …

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Thank you. I was not familiar with the filter functions. I tested on a few dozen lines on another sheet in the workbook till I understood what I was doing. Then I moved what I had done the hard way to another sheet, filtered the rest of the original list, etc as above, and added what I had done back to the filtered sheet for sorting.

P.S. I’m a new member and apparently can’t up vote yet or I would. :slight_smile:

thanks for your reply, fine that it worked … :slight_smile: … a rule of thumb: combining some simple specialized functions often helps getting complex tasks done …