Move Macros with the Calc Document

I want to give a calc document to another person. However, the Macros that I have created are not moved with the calc document. The Macros are saved with my LibreOffice so when the calc document is opened on the other persons computer, the Macros are not there. How can I embed the Macros with the calc document so they can be used on the other persons computer?

(Suppose you arte talking of BASIC macros.)
Where your macros are saved is your choice. However, you need to create a module there in advance using the ‘Organizer’. In addition the recent version of the BASIC ‘Organizer’ is enhancend as compared with older ones and allows to copy or move modules from a local library (mostly ‘Standard’ I assume) to a library (also ‘Standard’ assumably) located in an open document (or vice versa) using the drag-and-drop functionality.

Just play a bit with the tool. It’s (rather / with limitations) intuitive.

Please also note that a document containing macros cannot run them when opened on a remote system if not the ‘Macro Security’ is set to ‘Medium’ (or even lower: NOT recommended!) there and the prompt for permitting macros is answered positive.

Thank you very much for your answer. It has helped me accomplish what I was trying to do.

Reecently (LibO V7.0 +) I got some crashes when trying to drag a module between an application library and a document library.